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This is the page for the dragons who have died in the Passage. This is for a reference to the clan's history only. These dragons will not appear in Genessia. These dragons have left their mark on the clan and gone on to Dragon Heaven.

Note: Due to most of these dragons being removed from Flight Rising's database, their size and weight information will not be available.

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"Mother, I think we have a visitor," Kincaid said to Azalea, as he spotted a distorted orange shape on the other side of the ripple gate.

"Really?" Azalea stepped through the gateway to greet the visitor. It was Charizard, carrying a large crate. "Oh, it must be the crate of berries that Mewtwo promised. Come in."

She led Charizard through the gate, where the other dragons were beginning to gather.

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A series of conversations between the dragons in Azalea's clan that would occur off the communication devices.

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Name: Azalea
Canon: Flight Rising
Gender: Female
Age: One year.

Canon Point: After the clan rescues Orphne from the Centaur Beastclan.
Canon Point Explanation: This is the latest major event in the story so far.
History: The world history contains four chapters, describing how the world was formed, and how dragonkind was born. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Epilogue

And now the history of Azalea herself.

Azalea is a Fae dragon, hatched from an orphaned egg during the Greenskeeper Gathering (a holiday celebrating the Nature element), and her colors seemed to complement the Nature theme. Although her egg came from the Ashfall Waste, home to the Fire Flight, she has lived in the Nature domain, the Viridian Labyrinth all of her life. The matriarch of her clan, Usha, only wanted for each of her comrades to live in peace with their mates, although Azalea was still single before the plague hit their clan.

The Plaguebringer, in an aggressive move against her loathesome sister, the Gladekeeper, unleashed a crippling plague into the Viridian Labyrinth, killing half of the dragons in the clan, and incapacitating the other half, including Usha, the patriarch Grim, and Azalea herself.

The only dragon to remain unaffected was Qubine, the clan's greatest warrior, a Mirror breed from the Ice domain (The Southern Icefield). He realized that the only way he'd be able to fight the plague was to build a whole new clan who would strengthen themselves, study the plague itself, and work on developing a cure. To begin this task, he was granted a single egg by the Gladekeeper.

The egg hatched a Mirror male hatchling, who was named Coco. Qubine realized that he would need female dragons to breed, so he continued to scavenge all over Sornieth for orphaned eggs. He soon finds a Lightning egg, hatching a male Fae named Dugan, and then a Shadow egg, containing a male Guardian named Kladeos. Coco, Kladeos, and Dugan formed a Coliseum team and fought their way through the first two venues, but then in the Scorched Forest, Dugan was killed in battle. At that moment, Qubine realized that he would not only need female dragons, but also healers. Although Qubine did find an Earth egg, hatching a female Mirror named Anesia, that didn't solve the problem of the lack of healers.

Sensing Qubine's desperation, the Gladekeeper offered to treat a female healer dragon from his old clan for breeding. So Azalea was the lucky dragon chosen by Qubine to receive the treatment, the plan being that she would breed with Coco. The Gladekeeper took Azalea into her care, but even she could not purge the plague from her body entirely. Although it took a couple of weeks, the Gladekeeper finally restored enough of Azalea's strength to allow her to breed. Coco finally got to meet Azalea, and was instantly intrigued by her beauty. The pair bred their nest, hatching three Faes, but only one was alive. The surviving hatchling was named Kincaid.

Qubine found a Plague egg, containing a female Guardian named Saphira. When she and Anesia matured, they formed a second Coliseum team, with Azalea volunteering to be their healer, in spite of her illness.

The clan continued to grow as Qubine brought home more eggs from different domains. A Fae from the Water domain, and a Fae from the Light domain joined the clan, both males. Kladeos and Anesia got to breed as well, but they too hatched only one surviving hatchling, a Mirror male named Steele. A Wind egg was also found, containing a Mirror male named Xander. During that period, Kincaid matured into an adult, and joined Coco and Kladeos in the Coliseum.

When even more dragons from Qubine's old clan died from the plague, Azalea was stricken with grief and ran off. She was soon attacked by a clan of Centaurs, newly emboldened and ready to go to war with dragonkind. She managed to escape from the Centaurs, but then ran into a Guardian dragon named Malus from the Water domain, who has become a pirate. Malus attempted to snatch Azalea away, but Qubine showed up in time to save her. He then brought both Azalea and Malus back to the clan.

Azalea encountered the Centaur clan again while battling in the Scorched Forest with Anesia and Saphira. The Centaurs managed to kill Saphira and injure Azalea, so Anesia took Azalea and fled. Coco and Azalea took some time off alone together in the nesting grounds. They incubated another nest, but all of the eggs hatched stillborns.

Azalea returned to the Coliseum with Anesia, with Steele replacing Saphira. They moved on to the Sandswept Delta, where Steele was killed by another Beastclan, the Serthis. Azalea and Anesia fled back to the lair, where Anesia informed Kladeos of their son's death. While the pair returned to the nesting grounds, Azalea bumped into a Fae from the Plague domain, named Beryl. Beryl wanted to visit the Plaguebringer to ask her to remove the plague from the clan's lair, but only Malus was in favor of the idea. In order to coax the other dragons into following them, Malus kidnapped Azalea, dragging her to the Scarred Wasteland with him. The other dragons did indeed follow them, unable to ignore Azalea's plight. Her exposure to the Plague domain caused her to have another relapse. Malus was punished by Qubine for his deeds, and learned of Azalea's plague. Malus confessed that he didn't want to hurt Azalea. He had only kidnapped her because he had found her beautiful. Orphne, an Imperial dragon from the Arcane realm, witnessed Azalea's suffering, and decided to study medicine and start work on a cure. Her first request was to obtain some concoctions from the Serthis clan.

Coco and Azalea became grandparents when Kincaid bred with another female from Qubine's old lair. They hatched three sons, two Faes and one Mirror, named Handel, Tenzo, and Aether, respectively.

Obtaining Serthis concoctions was easier said than done. Coco, Kladeos, and Kincaid managed to obtain a few, but it wasn't enough. Anesia and Azalea attempted to gather more without a third teammate, but the mission went awry when Anesia died in battle against the Serthis. Without a team, Qubine requested for Azalea to join Malus and Amadeus (a Tundra from the Light domain) after Xander was killed in the Scorched Forest. Azalea reluctantly agreed, still wary of Malus for kidnapping her. Regardless, the three have become a formidable team, reaching Lvl 17 (out of 25), and still going.


Although most Fire dragons tend to be tempermental, living in the Viridian Labyrinth has made Azalea anything but. She actually has a more nurturing personality, which is characteristic of the Nature dragons. Her own suffering, both from the plague and the loss of many friends, also motivates her. She strives to help her clanmates in any way dragonly possible, checking on the ill dragons to make sure they're still alive, and delivering Orphne's medicine to them when they need it most. While in the Coliseum with Malus and Amadeus, she also gathers trinkets and materials. Even junk that may appear useless may serve some purpose in their lair. She also strives to remain optimistic, even when the odds are stacked against them. She can also be one of the more emotional dragons in the clan, as she's usually the first to start shedding tears when a clanmate dies. Misfortune falls upon her quite a bit, and she has found herself in distress in multiple occasions. But she doesn't let that get her down, since she has Coco to be overprotective of her, and she has Malus, in spite of their earlier conflicts. Malus's behavior has indeed improved since the kidnapping, so Azalea has warmed up to him significantly. She still has no idea how Malus feels about her, though.

For all of her hardships and losses, Azalea considers herself a very lucky dragon. She still has her mate Coco, and her son Kincaid, and two of her grandsons; Handel and Aether. (Tenzo died in the Scorched Forest.) She values all dragons in her clan, and she finds her strength in all of them.


For what Azalea lacks in size, she makes up for in magic power. She's one of the most powerful mages in her clan, alongside Amadeus, and only surpassed by her own son Kincaid (and Usha, whenever she gets cured of the plague). As a Fire dragon, she can hurl fireballs at the enemy. She can also fire a non-elemental bolt called Contuse, which reduces an opponent's attack power by 25%. She can also aid allies by healing them, and boosting their speed with a spell called Haste.


Azalea has a kind heart, and isn't so hot-tempered as most Fire dragons of Sornieth tend to be. She's driven by a strong desire to help her clan mates in any way possible.

The Fae dragons are the smallest known breed in Sornieth. As such, Azalea is...pretty tiny compared to your average dragon. She's only just under two feet in length, but half of that length consists of her neck and tail. Standing on her legs, she'd only be about a foot tall, about as tall as a human child. She also weighs only 5.2 lbs. So she's severely lacking in physical strength, especially since she's still inflicted with the plague. She has a five-foot wingspan, but she can't fly long distances without resting, unless she has plenty of insects to eat. Element-wise, she's especially weak against earth, water, and shadow-based attacks. The plague is still dormant in her body, so she can suffer from relapses if she exhausts herself, is critically injured, or if she's exposed to any kind of disease.


Azalea can be a docile kind of dragon, which is, again, uncharacteristic of the Fire Flight. While she doesn't get terribly angry, she can get pretty emotional rather easily. Her emotions can drive her to do reckless things, like when she ran off after some of the dragons died from the plague. She also put a lot of blame on herself when Saphira and Anesia died in the Coliseum.


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